Ashes to Ashes is a Pokémon Tabletop United campaign that is run on Pokémon Tabletop Forums as a Play-by-post RPG adventure.

This site aims to be a compilation of data about the setting, as well as groups, to serve as a reference or maybe inspiration to others.


Our Earth. Pokémons. Fast forward three tousands years. Humanity still follows the same old circle of evolution that ultimately leads to mass-destruction. You're the fifth generation of the last Great War, that changed this realm to ashes mostly. Whole cities turned to ruins, now inhabitated by the few who survived. Electricity is a luxury, not a given, and good knife is worth more than hundreds of your iPhones (not that you have any). People are back to the basics, although you've heard rumors that there exist some remains of the Era of Information.

This setting aims to be a low-fantasy (meaning that saving the world won't be the main target for PCs), an exploration-type RPG game and not the regular Pokémon gym crawler.

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